Winner of Gold Medal of Excellence
At this evening's photographic art gala in Linz, Austria, I received my first Gold Medal of Excellence in the 'experimental' photography category. In this elite evening, photographs from photographers around the world will be shown in different categories.
Exhibition "My kind of Photography"
I was invited by TedX Tirana to held a personal exhibition with some of my photographs.Below you'll find some of the photos from the event.
Birthday postcards with my artwork
I receive some of b-day postcards. As you can see one of my works is on the postcard.You can buy this postcard in shops now around the world, especially in the United Kingdom.
N Photo Magazine Summer 2018
Always good to be back. Interview about works Light bulbs for Nikon magazine August 2018 (England), one of the many publications in international magazines. The collection with the moon and Light bulbs seem like something eternal, they continue to be interested in publishing.
Exhibition Far and Near
At the opening of the Far and Near exhibition on February 16, 2018 in the Gallery of the Faculty of Arts in Tirana. I participated with these 3 works among different artists from the Presheve Valley.
My photos on famous artists profiles
I’m happy to see that some of most famous singers have shared my work on their social profiles like is instagram names like Jessie J,Calvin Harris,P Diddy & Tyrese Gibson.