Adrian Limani is an Albanian award winning and international publishing photographer, whose works have been estimated quite creative and have circulated all around the globe.Adrian had early predicted that in the future he might be part of this world.
Arts in general, was it photography, music or painting, was his fascination since the time of his childhood. Today, photography is his passion, which started when he was 17 and only owned a digital camera, whereas when he was 19, he stared using a professional camera for his beloved passion – photography. In a short period of time later, he started to work professionally on photography and he is mostly disposed to work on digital pictures. He finds himself better in this branch, bringing his imagination alive into pictures. His greatest supporters are his family, his two uncles in particular.
Starting from the time when he firstly owned a personal computer, when he was 6, and moving to his visits to art galleries in various cities, such as Munich in Germany, he found himself in front of works of the best artists of all time, such as Picasso, Kandinsky, Da Vinci etc. This was what attributed him full of imagination and creativity. The first time when he entered the world of Fine Arts, was his idea called “Life inside a Lightbulb”, aiming to bring something new, refining his personal pictures in various ways through his imagination.

He exposed his work in social networks, from where many portals, written and electronic media published his pictures.
Being aware of the great interest from the others for his ideas, he felt motivated to open his personal blog, where he continuously published his latest pictures which were seen by a great number of people. They were amazed by his imagination transmitted into his pictures. His first interview, which presents a big step in his career, was in “Photography Monthly”, the prestigious British magazine, which highly estimated his idea for the exhibitions with lamp. In a short period of time, one of the greatest British newspapers, “Daily Mail”, publishes an article dedicated to his work.
Currently, his works are published in many portals and various world magazines, such as the famous news networks CNN, BBC, RTL, British newspapers “The Sun”, “Mirror” and “Telegraph”, the Australian newspapers “Times” and “The Australian”, “N G China” in China, “Bild”, “La Repubblica”, the magazines “N-Photo”, “Practical Photoshop”, “Photography Monthly” etc. Furthermore, some of his pictures have been shared by famous world artists, such as Jessie J, Calvin Harris and P Diddy.

Some of his most famous collections are: “Moon Game”, “Dreamy World”, “Silhouette” etc. In October, 2014, he was given the award “Gold Medal of Excellence” for the experimental category in the international competition held in Linz, Austria, where he for the first time presented the development of photography in Albania in a worldwide competition.

Adrian’s pictures today are found in many photography portals and blogs and are evaluated among the best pictures in the world. So far, he has held two personal exhibitions of some of his works, in April 2013 in Tirana and in February 2016 in Zurich.

  • Born
  • Introduced with first Nintendo NES
  • Introduced with first Polaroid Camera
  • Introduced with first PC
  • Received first Digital Camera / started with Photography journey
  • Received first DSLR
  • First International Publication on Daily Mail
  • Exhibition My kind of Photography in Tirana, Albania
  • Winner of Gold Medal in Linz, Austria at Trierenberg Super Circuit
  • Graduated Bachelor Computer Sciences - South East European University
  • Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards
  • Honorable Mention - London International Creative Competition
  • Exhibition Light of Freedom in Zurich,Switzerland
  • Honorable Mention - Moscow International Foto Awards
  • Exhibition Near and Far in Tirana, Albania
  • Fine Art Photography Awards - Nominee
  • Finished further education Digital Marketing Specialist - BVS/BBS Business-School